Wednesday, November 24, 2010 gets in the way

It's been months now since I've posted something here on the old Blog. Damn.

I've been run through the gauntlet of life, balancing both university duties, work duties, and home duties. This hasn't been easy, but one can survive if one's constitution is high and hope is strong.

Now to gaming. I'm excited because as the semester winds down I'm able to set up the Star Wars adventure I've been conceptualizing for some time now. It will take place at the end of the Galactic Civil War between the Battle of Endor and the Truce at Bakura. I figure that this time period along with the setting will provide some gritty background for a smuggler/fledgling Jedi type campaign.

Obviously the Fringe members of Galactic Society will be taking advantage of the lack of Imperial presence after its many years of oppression. Crime syndicates will lunge at opportunity to grab territory, raise prices, start conflicts, and perhaps even team up with Imperial deserters who wish to use the tools of the now defunct Empire for their gain. In this time of confusion and potential darkness there is a light though. In the far corners of the Galaxy, hidden away on worlds and moons where civilized life fears to tread, are small enclaves of Force sensitive individuals. These fledgling Jedi, trained by lost remnants of the Old Order who have either survived long enough to teach others or are still alive, are now migrating in towards the inner areas of the galaxy at the beckoning of the Force.

I'm very excited to run this setting, and I hope that the turn out and feedback are both equally awesome!

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