Saturday, May 8, 2010

I think I get it, seemingly too late...

I've had a revelation about DMing/GMing. It's not that you set up the sandbox, populate it, and loose the characters upon it, it's that you fill it with purpose as well.

My guilt lies in my foolish misconception that if I provide the PCs NPCs with full stats and a world full of history and plot that that would be enough. I missed the hook, the reason for the PCs to adventure in the world. I have made no connection to the true purpose of NPCs or world events to the the adventuring party. Instead of Bob the Millwright who will give you his opinions on milling I should have made Bob, a "Living" person who needs or wants something in which the players may be able to assist.

I have a lot to learn and that makes me happy. As these revelations come, some of them embarrassingly obvious, I am growing in my wealth as a DM/GM. I look forward to all the lessons I still have to learn in my lifetime of gaming. Here's to future sessions and late night dice rolls!

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